We support the development of the Cognitive Science community in Vienna by (co-)organizing a wide range of academic activities.

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24.01.2017 17:30

PhD Seminar

Session with Fransisca Tan and Elisabeth Zimmermann

19.01.2017 17:00

Talk | Mathias Pessiglione

"Dopamine and reward maximization: insights from pharmacological studies in humans"

17.01.2017 16:45

Talk | Chris McManus

"Cross-cultural effects in aesthetics? Three studies"

12.01.2017 17:00

Talk | Giorgia Silani

"When affect sharing and self-other distinction fail: understanding empathy from a developmental and clinical perspective"

10.01.2017 17:30

PhD Seminar

Session with Dayana Hristova & Brigitte Römmer-Nossek

13.12.2016 17:30

PhD Seminar

Session with Oliver Lukitsch and Cornell Schreiber

06.12.2016 18:30

Talk | Ron Chrisley

"Robots, virtual reality and human consciousness: Using technology to depict the ineffable"

05.12.2016 15:00

Workshop | Ron Chrisley

"Computation and Consciousness"

22.11.2016 17:30

PhD Seminar

Session with Laura Commare and Soheil Human

"Towards a Conceptual Cognitive Model of Aesthetic Experience based on Predictive Processing"

18.11.2016 09:00

Registeration deadline: November 1, 2016

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