We support the development of the Cognitive Science community in Vienna by (co-)organizing a wide range of academic activities.

Learn more about our activities and how to stay up-to-date – from our talk seriesannual lectures and symposia/conferences, to lab excursions, PhD-level seminars and workshops as well as social events.

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03.11.2016 17:00

Talk | Jonathan Delafield-Butt

"Prospective Motor Agency: From primary intentions in utero to embodied narratives of meaning, and their disruption in autism"

26.10.2016 20:00
18.10.2016 17:30

PhD Seminar

Preparatory Sesion

13.10.2016 17:00

Talk | Christoph Eisenegger

"The role of the testosterone in human social interaction"

22.09.2016 18:00

Talk | Péter Érdi

"Complex Systems Perspective in Neuroscience - historical and current approaches"

30.08.2016 18:00

Talk | Norbert Schwarz

"Processing fluency and aesthetic pleasure: What have we learned?"

Keynote talk of the IAEA 2016


Summer School | "Cognition, Art, and Culture"

Univie: summer school in Cognitive Science


Conference | 2nd Art + Science Conference

Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies

28.06.2016 18:00

PhD Seminar

Session with Brigitte Römmer-Nossek & Elisabeth Zimmermann

25.06.2016 19:00

Party | Irrational Movements & 10 Years MEi:CogSci

Featuring DJ Max. Surprisal w/ Loads of Free Energy

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