PhD Seminar

22.11.2016 17:30 - 20:00

Session with Laura Commare and Soheil Human

"Towards a Conceptual Cognitive Model of Aesthetic Experience based on Predictive Processing"

About the session

Art History has long been interested in models or concepts of aesthetic experience as theoretical tools. A number of different models have been used to explain differences in art production or stylistic change over time. However, these models lack a unifying structure. Although being for sure similar to some content, the concepts remain somewhat conflictive, as they emphasize different single-factor explanations. The discussion, albeit being characterized by lively dispute, has to date not crossed the threshold of theoretical argumentation or harnessed the potential of empirical proof. Yet, art psychology has a series of models to offer that are able to explain aesthetic experience on an empirical base. Our talk will focus on the currently predominant model out of these: the model of aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic judgements by Helmut Leder and colleagues (2004, 2014). We will discuss the applicability and practicalness of this model from an art historical and a cognitive science perspective, as well as its downsides and limitations. We are working on an improvement of the Leder et al. model by introducing a predictive coding perspective on the matter. For todays session, we would like share and discuss the very first steps of this undertaking with you.


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