About Us

We are a transfaculty institution of the University of Vienna for interdisciplinary research in Cognitive Science.

We are the institutional host to many third-party funded research projects and organizers of many research, teaching and community activities.

We are a stand-alone institution with infrastructural support of the rectorate of the University of Vienna and our partcipating faculties: Faculty of Philosophy and Education, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Life Sciences.

Our institutional partners are: VDS CoBeNe (Vienna Doctoral School "Cognition, Behavior, Neuroscience") and MEi:CogSci (Middle European Interdisciplinary Master Programme in Cognitive Science).

History of the Platform

2011  |  Foundation

2012  |  Positive evaluation

2013  |  Extension to end of 2016

2016  |  Extension to 2019


We aim to develop a strong research-based Cognitive Science profile at the University of Vienna.

Our main goal is to strengthen the existing interdisciplinary collaborative research in this field by disseminating methodological expertise so as to foster common research questions at different levels, from joint PhD projects to larger, interfaculty or multi-faculty grant applications.

Furthermore, we aim to support the general development of the Cognitive Science community in Vienna.

Our current focus is:

Key Facts

  • 16 third-party funded projects, 55+ applications, ~€4mio funding
  • 20+ researchers employed, 6 affiliates, 4 guests, 110+ publications
  • 110+ activities: 4 annual lectures, 50+ talks, 7 lab visits, 6 workshops/summer schools, etc.
  • 760+ subscribers
  • professional communications (public relations, mailing lists)
  • free-to-use PhD study office