The core members of the Vienna CogSciHub are our speakers, advisory board, affiliates, coordinators and project staff.

Beyond that there is a lively network of academics, students and the interested general public who frequently take part in our activities.

More Information?

Get in touch with us via e-mail or phone +43-1-4277-22002 (contact: Blanca Spee).

Personnel Structure


Our speakers are the official heads of the Vienna CogSciHub. They are in charge of operative as well as strategic decisions with respect to our mission statement. As representatives of the rectorate they authorized to sign in matters of finances and human resources.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consults our speakers in strategic decisions. Meetings are hold regularly per semester.


Our coordinators are in charge of the a) administration of staff and finances, b) procurement, c) formal support of third-party projects, d) conception and production of activities, e) external communications and public relations, f) and assist our speakers in strategic decision making.


Beyond our advisory board our affiliates are postdoc researchers or professors who are principal investigators in our research projects or frequent participants of our activities. They can suggest activities or get administrative and financial support for selected activities of their own. Beyond that, principal investigators of our research projects are administratively supported by our coordinators.


Our guests are visiting researchers who have been invited by anyone of our core members. For the time of their stay they take part in the respective research group and they are invited to join activities.  


Our staff includes everybody employed at the Vienna CogSciHub (incl. project members of our third-party project).