PhD Seminars

Our PhD Seminar is a dissertation seminar targeted at PhD students working in the field of the Cognitive Science.


  • Participants will get the chance to present their current work and discuss it intensively with peers from various disciplines.
  • There are no strict content and format restrictions to the presentations. The presenter thus has the opportunity to creatively pick his or her topic and develop the format of the presentation.
  • However, efforts should be focused on enabling in-depth discussions and exchanges of ideas within this multi-disciplinary group of PhD students.
  • Beyond that, in each session there will be some time for the participating PhD community to self-organize (e.g. co-organize speakers for Cognitive Science Talk series according to the emerging interests of the group, etc.), reflect upon the progress of the event series and come up with significant adaptations to the procedure.

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PhD Seminars before 2016

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