PhD Seminars before 2016

In the past we have held many session of our CogSci PhD Seminar.

Name Title of the session Date
Brigitte Römmer-Nossek & Elisabeth Zimmermann "Structures, affordances and constraints" December 15, 2015
Jane Boddy & Peter Rantaša "Elements of Meaning in Art and Sound" December 1, 2015
Soheil Khosravipour "Predictive Coding" November 17, 2015
Thomas Torsney-Weir "Toward more advanced user modeling in visualization design" November 3, 2015
Introduction October 20, 2015
Tobias Schöberl & Hanna Weichselbaum "Empirical approaches to consciousness" June 30, 2015
Peter Rantaša &Christoph Claussen "Voices" & """Concepts of the mechanical mind: functions, computations, automata""" June 23, 2015
Weronika Kalwak &Olga Markic "Challenges to first-person perspective access to pain experience in research and diagnosis" June 2, 2015
Laura Commare & Mario Thaliwitzer "Social determinants of (self-)staging and the readability of images - or what Rick Boss and King Henry VIII. have in common" May 5, 2015
Nicole Rossmanith & Cornell Schreiber "Culture in the Making - Jointly Structuring Multimodal Shared Spaces of Meaning and Action in Early Infant-Caregiver-Object Interactions" & """Thinking Introspect'd! The Microgenesis and Evolution of Mental Models""" April 21, 2015
Dejan Makovec "Intuitions and Problems" April 14, 2015
Elisabeth Zimmermann & Brigitte Römmer-Nossek "Structuring Behavior and the Role of Artifacts" March 17, 2015
Introduction March 10, 2015