Lab Visit | Affenberg Study Site

18.09.2015 09:00 - 22:00

Our regular lab visits give our local network of scientists and students the chance to get exclusive inside perspectives into the broad spectrum of ongoing cognition research at the Cognitive Science Research Platform. After a series of visits in the Vienna area we are now organizing an excursion to the study site "Affenberg" in Carinthia!

As the name implies, the Affenberg is an enclosure located on a hill housing 155 Japanese macaques. Thanks to our member Lena Pflüger we got the great opportunity to organize a guided scientific tour---experiencing Japanese macaques close up. This not only involves learning more about recent research at the Affenberg, the stories of how it came to be and the macaque jailbreak of 1996, but also feeding the macaques and observing them doing skill games at the playground.

The lab visit comprises an all day excursion, starting with a bus transfer from Vienna to Carinthia at 9 am, returning at 10 pm. The platform covers all costs, including coffee, snacks, and a small dinner at the study site.

For organizational concerns it is important for both the Affenberg team and us to know the exact number of participants. Therefore, if you want to attend the lab visit, please save the date and register at until September 1, 20!