Lab Visit | CogSci in the Humanities

08.06.2013 12:03

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Prof. Paul Turnbull (E-history, University of Queensland): "Mapping the Expression of Emotions in Colonial Australian Popular Literature"

RESEARCH DIALOGUES: Six experts in literature, linguistics & history introduce their application of neuroscientific research. Participants can enter into detailed discussion of research questions with two experts of their choice!

  • Dr. Susanne Reiterer (Centre for Language Learning, Univie): Second language: A cognitive neuroscientific perspective
  • Prof. Susanne Reichl (English literature, Univie): Cognitive Studies, Intercultural Learning, and Teaching English Literature
  • Prof. Wolfgang Dressler (Linguistics, Univie): Comparative Psycholinguistics
  • Dr. Thomas Eder (German literature, Univie): Cognitive Approaches to Introspection
  • Prof. Christa Knellwolf King (literary history, Univie): Cognitive Approaches to Literary Studies of Emotion
  • Prof. Paul Turbull (e-history, University of Queensland): Cognitive studies and the Use of Digital Media in History

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Junior academics and established research groups will present their research topics.

Please let us know by 5th June 2013, if you are coming.

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Co-organised by: Christa Knellwolf King & Margarete Rubik (Institute for English and American Studies), and the Cognitive Science Research Platform at the University of Vienna