We are the host institution to many research projects funded by the University of Vienna and (inter-)national third-party funding agencies.

Our affiliated research projects have several benefits:

  • Extra project budget! Free access to parts of the project's overhead budget
  • Administrative and infrastructural support
  • Communications and public relations infrastructure
  • Take part in our activities

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Current Projects


Universal aesthetics of lines and colors? Effects of culture, expertise and habituation

Period: July 2016 - June 2019

Principal investigators: Univ.-Prof. Raphael Rosenberg, Univ.-Prof. Helmut Leder

Funding program: WWTF "Cognition" 2015

Involved fields: Art History, Psychology



Towards an Experimental Narratology of the Image

Period: November 2015 - October 2017

Principal investigator(s): Dr. Klaus-Peter Speidel

Funding program: FWF "Lise Meitner Programme" (M 1944)

Involved fields: Art History, Philosophy, Psychology



Embodied Creativity in Dyadic Interaction

Period: June 2015 - December 2017

Principal investigator(s): Dr. Michael Kimmel

Funding program: FWF Stand-alone Projects

Involved fields: Cognitive Ethnography (Empirical Phenomenology, Joint Action/Interaction, Embodied Cognition)



Innovation Lens

Period: October 2014 - October 2016

Principal investigator(s): A.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Peschl

Funding program: FFG COIN

Involved fields: 


PhD Project

An interdisciplinary investigation of the ultimate and proximate causes of empathy

Principal Investigator(s): Jessie Adriaense, MSc

Supervisor(s): Univ.-Prof. Thomas Bugnyar, Univ.-Prof. Claus Lamm

Involved fields: Cognitive Biology, Psychology


PhD Project

Soon the meaning of lines will be revealed to us

Principal Investigator(s): Jane Boddy, MA

Supervisor(s): Univ.-Prof. Raphael Rosenberg, Univ.-Prof. Helmut Leder

Involved fields: Art History, Psychology


PhD Project

Psychometric Investigations of Scientific Methods in Art Research

Principal Investigator(s): Mag. Hanna Weichselbaum

Supervisor(s): Univ.-Prof. Ulrich Ansorge, Univ.-Prof. Helmut Leder

Involved fields: Psychology, Aesthetics



The Cultural Eye / The Gendered Eye

Period: September 2013 - Mai 2017

Principal investigator(s): Univ.-Prof. Raphael Rosenberg

Funding program: FWF Stand-alone Projects

Involved fields: Art History, Psychology