The research network Vienna CogSciHub

The research association Vienna CogSciHub is an interdisciplinary network of researchers in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. As a measure of the Rectorate of the University of Vienna, the network promotes the establishment and sustainable, long-term development of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at the University of Vienna and beyond. It enhances cooperation between participating researchers, groups, faculties, and academic institutions.

Goals of the Vienna CogSciHub:

  • Improving national and international competitiveness through joint and interdisciplinary research projects - check out our current research projects

  • Broadening the scope of Cognitive Science towards Cognitive Neuroscience - check out our current research pillars
  • Supporting researchers writing proposals for third-party financing - check out our services for researchers
  • Coordinating research and teaching in the fields of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience and across the participating disciplines, reflecting the spirit of interdisciplinarity - check out our connections to affiliated education programs in Cognitive Science



History of the Vienna CogSciHub

March 2019 | Opening Symposium Vienna CogSciHub

2019  |  Foundation

History of the Platform

2016  |  Extension to 2019

2013  |  Extension to end of 2016

2012  |  Positive evaluation

2011  |  Foundation




The Vienna CogSciHub people