Journal Club: Modeling in Cognitive Neuroscience

No Journal Clubs until further notice

To all PhD students/post-docs: Journal Club, Discussion of recent research in computational cognitive/neuroscience.

For registration please contact Jozsef Arato via mail!

Upcoming dates and time: 

  • Thur, 21 November 2019 | starting 17:30
  • Thur, 05 December 2019 | starting 17:30
  • Thur, 16 January 2020 | starting 17:30
  • Thur, 30 January 2020 | starting 17:30
  • Thur, 13 February 2020 | starting 17:30 
  • Thur, 19 March 2020 | starting 17:30 CANCELLED

The proposed journal club is a group discussion of recent papers in the field of computational cognitive/neuroscience taking place every two-weeks, aimed at interested PhD students/post-docs with some knowledge of computer programming.  Papers that establish links between machine learning/AI and behavior/neuroscience are especially welcome. The goal is to familiarize ourselves with state-of-the-art computational methods, while exploring the scope of the models in the learning about the brain/cognition.

Format: At each approx. 60 min session, the presenter who picked the paper leads the discussion, but will be aided by questions from the organizer. The topic and the paper will be circulated at least five days before each session. For a meaningful discussion, participants are expected to have read—at least parts of—the current paper, and are encouraged to attend even when the topic does not match their immediate research interest.  

Participants will be welcome to present papers related to their own research area, or can pick from a list of suggested papers. When applicable, it is encouraged to bring simulation/code that can help to gain a deeper understanding of the models.

Location: Liebiggase 5, room: Besprechungszimmer, 02.17, 2nd floor, left
Psychologicum, Liebiggasse 5, 1010 Vienna

Focus Topics:&nb

  • Computational neuroscience vs computational cognitive science
  • Generative models of data vs machine learning 
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Bayesian models and bayesian brains
  • Deep learning in neuroscience
  • Model techniques (model fitting, sampling, model selection)
  • Meta-analyses and big brain projects
  • BCI
  • Computational psychiatry

Organizer: Jozsef Arato, PhD
Senior Scientist for Data Science
Cognitive Science Hub, Universität Wien

Besprechungszimmer, Psychologie