Our research projects have resulted in many publications:

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Leder, H., Tinio, P., Brieber, D., Kröner, T., Jacobsen, T., & Rosenberg, R. (2019). Symmetry is Not a Universal Law of Beauty. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 37(1), 104-114. DOI: 10.1177/0276237418777941

Spee, B. T. M., Ishizu, T., Leder, H., Mikuni, J., Kawabata, H., & Pelowski, M. (2018). Neuropsychopharmacological aesthetics: A theoretical consideration of pharmacological approaches to causative brain study in aesthetics and art. In Progress in Brain Research: The Arts and The Brain Psychology and Physiology Beyond Pleasure (Vol. Volume 237, 2018, pp. 343-372). (Progress in Brain Research).

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Büring, D., Assmann, M., Jordanoska, I., & Prüller, M. (2018). Focus constraints on ellipsis - An Unalternatives account. In U. Sauerland, & S. Solt (Eds.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22 (Vol. 1, pp. 109-126)

Göbl, B., Hristova, D., Jovicic, S., Slunecko, T., Chevron, M-F., & Hlavacs, H. (2018). Towards a More Reflective Social Media Use Through Serious Games and Co-design. In Serious Games: 4th Joint International Conference, JCSG 2018, Darmstadt, Germany, November 7-8, 2018, Proceedings (pp. 229-234). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Springer International Publishing AG .

Peschl, F-M., & Fundneider, T. (2017). Future-oriented innovation: How affordances and potentials can teach us how to learn from the future as it emerges. In M. Burgin, & W. Hofkirchner (Eds.), The future information society : social and technological problems ; [Based on the Summit of the International Society for Information Studies on "The Information Society at the Crossroads : Response and Responsibility of the Sciences of Information" held in Vienna in June 2015 ] (pp. 223-240). (World Scientific Series in Information Studies; Vol. 8). New Jersey ; London ; Singapore [et al]: World Scientific Publishing.

Peschl, F-M., & Fundneider, T. (2017). How spaces can support knowledge and innovation work. In E. Tomé, G. Neumann, & B. Knežević (Eds.), Proceedings of TAKE 2017: Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy Conference (pp. 21-24). Zagreb: University of Zagreb.

Grisold, T., & Peschl, F-M. (2017). On the role of Organizational Predictive Mind in change processes. In E. Tomé, G. Neumann, & B. Knežević (Eds.), Proceedings of TAKE 2017: Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy Conference (pp. 509-523). Zagreb: University of Zagreb.

Peschl, F-M., & Fundneider, T. (2017). Organizations shaping a thriving future - On future-oriented innovations and personal transformation. In B. Spieß, & N. Fabisch (Eds.), CSR und neue Arbeitswelten : Perspektivwechsel in Zeiten von Nachhaltigkeit, Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0 (pp. 233-249). (Management-Reihe Corporate Social Responsibility). Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Gabler. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-50531-1_12

Specker, E., Leder, H., Rosenberg, R., Hegelmaier, L., Brinkmann, H., Mikuni, J., & Kawabata, H. (2017). The Universal and Automatic Association between Brightness and Positivity. Poster session presented at 40th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 2017), Berlin, Germany.

Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 179