Talks before 2016

In the past we have hosted a great deal of researchers from all around the world to give presentations to our community. 

Name Titel of the talk Affiliation Date
Jörg Rieskamp "How Sequential Sampling Models Can Explain the Cognitive Process Underlying Decision Making" University of Basel, Switzerland November 19, 2015
Dietrich Dörner "Free Will and the Management of Action" Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Germany November 6, 2015
Claus Lamm "The Neural Mechanisms of Empathy - Novel Insights from a Multimethod Social Neuroscience Approach" University of Vienna, Austria October 15, 2015
Jonathan Cole "Living with chronic neurological impairment| from the inside out" University at Columbia University, USA October 3, 2014
Mihretu P. Guta "Consciousness, First-Person Perspective and Neuroimaging" Durham University, UK June 24, 2015
Matthew Ratcliffe "Psychosis and the Interpersonal Regulation of Experience" University of Vienna, Austria June 11, 2015
Tecumseh Fitch "The Syntax of Mind: Dendrophilia and Human Cognition" University of Vienna, Austria May 21, 2015
Evgenia Hristova "Should Robots Kill? Moral Judgments for Actions of Artificial Cognitive Agents" New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria May 6, 2015
Vasu Reddy "Engagement and Social Cognition in Infancy" University of Portsmouth, UK April 23, 2015
Torsten Möller "Visual Tools for Decision Making" University of Vienna, Austria April 16, 2015
Gabriela Markova "Infants at Play: An Engagement Perspective on Cognitive Science" University of Vienna, Austria March 26, 2015
Hans-Bernhard Schmid & Thomas Bugnyar "Cooperation in Humans and Other Animals - A Philosopher’s Questions to Behavioural Scientists" & "Raven Politics" University of Vienna, Austria May 26, 2014
Ian Apperly "What use is a cognitive account of mindreading?" University of Birmingham, UK December 10, 2014
Daniel C. Richardson "Gaze and social context" University College London, UK November 11, 2014
Marcos Nadal "Foundations of Neuroaesthetics" Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain October 29, 2014
Jorg J. M. Massen "Proximate mechanisms underlying animal social relations" University of Vienna, Austria October 15, 2014
Josep Call "On the evolution of thinking ahead" Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany October 3, 2014
Orit Parnafes "Productive Intuitions: Examining the process of children's developing explanations" Ben-Gurion University, Israel May 28, 2014
Adam Chuderski "Computational models of self-control" Jagiellonian University, Poland May 26, 2014
Kenneth Holmqvist "Eye Movement and Mental Imagery" Lund University, Sweden June 4, 2014
Maurice Grinberg "Context Effects on Cooperation in Social Dilemmas" New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria April 8, 2014
Ildikó Király "The Interpretation of Mental States (Beliefs and Preferences) in Young Infants" Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary April 1, 2014
Joscha Bach "The Machine of Desire: How to Construct a Motivational System" MIT, USA March 20, 2014
Mihailo Antovic "Music, Language and Cognition: Towards a Theoretical Unification" University of Niš, Serbia March 13, 2014
Frank Jäkel "Categorization: From Psychology to Machine Learning and Back" Osnabrück University, Germany March 27, 2014
Mario Bunge "The Persistence of the Mind-Body Problem" McGill University, Canada April 24, 2014
Jaqueline Stark "On the Interface between Neurolinguistics and Aphasia Research" Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria December 14, 2013
Bipin Indurkhya "Is language necessary to interpret visual metaphors?" AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland November 28, 2013
Stela Manova "(De)composing the Slavic Word: A domain-specific approach to affix order" University of Vienna, Austria June 19, 2013
Vilmos Vass "The competency-based curriculum development in Hungary (1978-2012)" Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary May 7, 2013
Patrick Colm Hogan "Literary Aesthetics: Beauty, the Brain, and Virginia Woolf" University of Connecticut, USA May 29, 2013
Olga Markic "Teaching and Learning Reasoning Skills and Argumentation" University of Ljubljana, Slovenia May 22, 2012
Marcos Nadal "The nature of aesthetic appreciation: cognition, neuroscience and evolution" Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain April 26, 2012
Achim Stephan & Sven Walter "Situated Cognition and Affectivity" Osnabrück University, Germany April 23, 2012
Soonja Choi "Language and Thought: Spatial Semantics & Spatial Cognition from Infancy to Adulthood" University of Vienna, Austria January 13, 2012
Matthias Scheutz "Steps towards embodied models of situated task-based natural language dialogues" Tufts University, USA December 14, 2011