CogSci Talks

The CogSci Talks are our regular talk series on Cognitive Science.

We invite both international and local researchers to present their latest research to the CogSci public in Vienna.

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Teaching by CogSciHub Staff

 Upcoming Talks

Our next Brownbag-Session is held by Mat White

Date and Location: 08.03.2022 | 12:00 | online/hybrid

Registration opens one week before the event!

 Past Talks

Talk | Chris McManus

"Cross-cultural effects in aesthetics? Three studies"

Talk | Giorgia Silani

"When affect sharing and self-other distinction fail: understanding empathy from a developmental and clinical perspective"

Talk | Ron Chrisley

"Robots, virtual reality and human consciousness: Using technology to depict the ineffable"

Talk | Giovanni Pezzulo

"Planning and the rat hippocampus - was Tolman right?"

Talk | Jonathan Delafield-Butt

"Prospective Motor Agency: From primary intentions in utero to embodied narratives of meaning, and their disruption in autism"

Talk | Christoph Eisenegger

"The role of the testosterone in human social interaction"