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Adriaense, J. (2016). Your pessimism brings me down but does your optimism lift me up? Emotional contagion in common ravens (Corvus corax). Poster session presented at Human and Animal Emotions, Erice, Italy.

Boddy, J. (2015). « Soon the meaning of lines will be revealed to us » an experimental study of the expressive contribution of lines in painting. Poster session presented at 4th Annual Lecture in Cognitive Science, Vienna, Austria.

Weichselbaum, H., Huber-Huber, C., & Ansorge, U. (2015). Attention is attention: Temporal stability of attention capture effects. Poster session presented at 19th meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP), Paphos, Cyprus.

Weichselbaum, H., & Schöberl, T. (2015). Consciousness and Cognitive Control – Investigating Bottom-up and Topdown Attentional Selection in Vision. Poster session presented at Middle European Cognitive Science Conference 2015 (MeiCogsci Conference) , Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Peschl, F-M., & Fundneider, T. (2015). Designing and envisioning a desired future by emergent innovation of meaning. In L. Collina, L. Galluzzo, & A. Meroni (Eds.), The virtuous circle : design culture and experimentation ; 3-7 June, Milano, Italy (pp. 335-349). McGraw-Hill Education.

Jenni, T., & Rosenberg, R. (2015). Die Analyse der Objekte und das Studium der Quellen. Wiens Beitrag zur Etablierung einer universitären Kunstgeschichte. In K. Fröschl (Ed.), 650 Jahre Universität Wien - Aufbruch ins neue Jahrhundert (Vol. Bd. 4: Reflexive Innensichten aus der Universität. Disziplingeschichte zwischen Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik, pp. 121-134).

Boddy, J. (2015). Disentangling the aesthetic effects of formal elements of art. In V. Alexandre Journeau, & C. Vial Kayser (Eds.), Notions esthétiques: La perception sensible organisée (pp. 51-61). L' Harmattan.

Showing entries 60 - 70 out of 203