CogSci Talks

Our CogSci Talks are our regular talk series on Cognitive Science.

We invite both international and local researchers to present their latest research to the CogSci public in Vienna.

 Upcoming Talks

No news available.

 Past Talks

17.11.2016 17:00

Talk | Giovanni Pezzulo

"Planning and the rat hippocampus - was Tolman right?"

03.11.2016 17:00

Talk | Jonathan Delafield-Butt

"Prospective Motor Agency: From primary intentions in utero to embodied narratives of meaning, and their disruption in autism"

13.10.2016 17:00

Talk | Christoph Eisenegger

"The role of the testosterone in human social interaction"

22.09.2016 18:00

Talk | Péter Érdi

"Complex Systems Perspective in Neuroscience - historical and current approaches"

30.08.2016 18:00

Talk | Norbert Schwarz

"Processing fluency and aesthetic pleasure: What have we learned?"

Keynote talk of the IAEA 2016

02.06.2016 18:00

Talk | Anna Grubert

"Rapid parallel attentional selection of multiple objects"

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