CogSci Talks

The CogSci Talks are our regular talk series on Cognitive Science.

We invite both international and local researchers to present their latest research to the CogSci public in Vienna.

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 Upcoming Talks

No news available.

 Past Talks

Talk | Anna Grubert

"Rapid parallel attentional selection of multiple objects"

Talk | Daniel D. Hutto

"Continuity Scepticism in Doubt: A Radically Enactive Take"

Talk | David Temperley

"Music and Emotion: Perception and Feeling"

Talk | Niki Pfeifer

"The coherence perspective on conditionals: Formal and experimental work"

Talk | Leonida Fusani

"Why are the elaborate displays of birds so attractive?"

Talk | Michael Schmitz

"Consciousness: What It Is and Why It Matters"